Committed to taking your long haul and expedited loads further, faster, safer.

  • Since 1986, grown to more than 650 teams
  • Can cover 1,000 miles in just 22 hours
  • Team trucks average nine months in age
  • Over 22,000 53’ trailers with a five-year average age
  • Interactive onboard computers with multi-lingual, graphical turn-by-turn directions
  • 24-hour customer service staffing

U.S. Xpress began in 1986 and has grown to include over 650 teams today. Our teams haul all types of freight, including retail, expedited shipments, high-value products, time-critical shipments, and Hazmat freight. We serve all 48 states, with interline service to Mexico and Canada.

Why team?

A team of drivers can cover 1,000 miles in only 22 hours, less than half the time it takes a solo driver to cover the same distance. This expedited service means less dwell time from origin to destination, reducing the need to keep large quantities of on-hand stock. Fifty percent of our team fleet drivers have more than five years of experience, and 32% of our teams have Hazmat endorsements. Our drivers are trained professionals who understand that service is our business.

Modern equipment

With very young equipment – our trucks average nine months in age, and our 22,000 trailers average only five years – we ensure true expedited service with minimal breakdown. Our trailer fleet is testing and fitting the latest aerodynamic devices to meet California regulatory requirements. We have a vast array of equipment, including dry vans and reefers, with unique specialized equipment capabilities, such as e-track, carpet specs, roller bed, and lightweight, designed to meet all of your needs.

The latest technology

Far more than ordinary satellite communication equipment, our team trucks feature interactive computer systems that utilize cell, wireless or satellite signals. The systems are capable of receiving live or streaming video for in-cab training purposes, as well as supplying multi-lingual, graphical turn-by-turn directions.

24-hour staffing to meet your needs

Our customer service staff can meet your needs with custom-designed reports, tailored to fit any time window from hourly to year-to-date. Our communication systems cover the customer, the office and the drivers, allowing real-time route changes, should the need arise. With EDI technology and web-based booking, or just a regular phone call, we have multiple ways to meet your booking needs.

A commitment to safety

Throughout our history, U.S. Xpress has focused on safety and safety technology. We're committed to being at the forefront of safety compliance, using leading experts and comprehensive training to help ensure our drivers and staff are well prepared. As always, our trucks include the latest safety innovations, including up-to-date manual and auto-shift transmission technology, traction and stability control, and right-side cameras to minimize blind spots. Onboard communication systems feature text-to-speech capabilities to keep our drivers focused on the road ahead. You can trust your freight to one of the safest carriers in the business.

A concern for the earth

U.S. Xpress is a SmartWay Transport Partner, and won a 2009 SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award. We work hard to minimize our impact on the environment, including using more fuel-efficient tires, custom aerodynamic tractors and trailers, and technology to shorten trips and promote fuel conservation.

Operating Authorities & Tariff Information

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