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Reliability & Capacity for Smooth,

Cross-Border Shipments

When you need to ship in and out of Canada with confidence, choose U.S. Xpress. Through our partnerships with reliable Canadian asset carriers, U.S. Xpress creates a unique “both sides” approach to Canada shipments. So no matter if your freight is on Canadian soil or U.S., you’ll know your freight is in good hands. Consider the strengths of each company and the direct benefit of their partnership to your shipping needs:

You can rely on the reputation, competencies and expertise of U.S. Xpress and our Canadian carrier partners to deliver superior shipping throughout Canada and the U.S. The two combine their expertise, assets and national coverage to form a dynamic freight solution for North America. This partnership is a true breakthrough for shipping between Canada and the United States.



Operating Authorities & Tariff Information

Quick access to tariff information for U.S. Xpress and our operating authorities is right at your fingertips.

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Industry Solutions

Move your freight quickly and easily across the border, with service you can count on.

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Route Optimization

Technologies to ensure efficient and effective freight movement.

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