Delivering North America, Every Day

Imagine moving freight from Toronto to Mexico City without ever changing trailers. Now you can. Introducing U.S. Xpress Partnership Services, a worry-free same-trailer solution so seamless, it makes shipping freight across the continent feel like a drive across town. We have the tools and expertise to ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time at hundreds of destinations all across North America, including throughout the United States. So if you’re tired of struggling to move international freight, contact us to see just how easy it can be.

Mexico city


Experience hassle-free shipping, in and out of Mexico and take reliable shipping south of the border.

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Move your freight quickly and easily across the border, with service you can count on.

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Operating Authorities & Tariff Information

Quick access to tariff information for U.S. Xpress and our operating authorities is right at your fingertips.

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