Supplying efficient and economical private fleets.

  • Supporting small to large fleets
  • A wide range of equipment available: dry vans, curtain side, flatbed, temperature controlled

It’s more than simply earmarking trucks and drivers for you. When you need guaranteed capacity, you need someone who understands your unique needs, and can commit assets and people that will serve as an extension of your company. Our Dedicated services provide a true business partnership.

Exactly what you need

Let U.S. Xpress be your outsourced fleet. By utilizing our Dedicated services, you eliminate the risk and liability that is inherent when operating your own assets, and get steady capacity, predictable costs and an optimized distribution network in return.

Reduce your transportation costs

We listen carefully to your needs, trying to find the most cost-effective method of shipping your freight. We can optimize your transportation program with logistics engineering support, help with carrier management, provide on-site management, or even help convert your current private fleet.

For customers interested in private fleet conversion, we can help take assets off your balance sheet, leveraging our design capability to lower transportation costs. We also help decrease costs associated with assets because U.S. Xpress enjoys volume purchasing discounts for items such as fuel, equipment and insurance.

Capacity that will meet any surge

No matter how many trucks you need, or when you need them, U.S. Xpress will provide the guaranteed capacity you’re looking for. Our Dedicated fleet has more than 1,700 trucks, and our Company’s additional 7,300 tractors allow us to flex where other non-asset carriers can’t, to meet your changing demands.

Special services for your unique needs

We recognize that every shipping need is different. That’s why our Dedicated services can provide custom support, such as training drivers to meet your specialized equipment requirements, including reefer, curtain side or flatbed, and supplying Hazmat-certified drivers. We also have the ability to run lightweight equipment and service our customers with day cabs.

We can provide direct-to-store delivery capability and develop alternative design model options to reduce costs. By using our freight volume and taking advantage of backhaul lanes, we can help find revenue-sharing opportunities to improve your profitability.

We invest in the latest technology to track and report your loads, including satellite-equipped navigation and EDI order tendering and tracking.

A commitment to safety

Throughout our history, U.S. Xpress has focused on safety and safety technology. We're committed to being at the forefront of safety compliance, using leading experts and comprehensive training to help ensure our drivers and staff are well prepared. As always, our trucks include the latest safety innovations, including up-to-date manual and auto-shift transmission technology, traction and stability control, and right-side cameras to minimize blind spots. Onboard communication systems feature text-to-speech capabilities to keep our drivers focused on the road ahead. You can trust your freight to one of the safest carriers in the business.

A concern for the earth

U.S. Xpress is a SmartWay Transport Partner, and won a 2009 SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award. We work hard to minimize our impact on the environment, including using more fuel-efficient tires, custom aerodynamic tractors and trailers, and technology to shorten trips and promote fuel conservation.

A commitment to safety

The initial start-up is often the most challenging aspects of any operation. Our start-up and implementation plan is a proven procedure which delivers.

U.S. Xpress has developed an approach that is dependent on several key factors and produces results.

  • Planning by carrier and shipper
    U.S. Xpress will work closely with key customer personnel to ensure we are meeting your transportation needs
  • Development of a timeline
    Together, we will develop a timeline that works for both shipper and carrier
  • Choosing the correct personnel
    U.S. Xpress allows input from the shipper on hires that service your business
  • Communication between carrier and shipper
    Frequent and open communication is a cornerstone of success
  • Solid expectations
    It is extremely important that clear expectations are communicated to each party at the onset of the start-up program
  • Continuous improvement
    Our team strives to find efficiencies within your network during the implementation – and beyond – by developing Key Performance Indicators, methods to increase utilization, eliminate assets, etc.

Operating Authorities & Tariff Information

Quick access to tariff information for U.S. Xpress and our operating authorities is right at your fingertips.

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Industry Solutions

Our Dedicated services offer Retailers guaranteed capacity, solutions tailored to their needs, and drivers trained to their requirements.

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Notifications on any change within load movements.