Green Initiatives That Make a Difference

U.S. Xpress has a long and dedicated history in leading innovative efforts towards green, sustainable solutions. “We believe that conservation is good business,” states, U.S. Xpress Chairman Max Fuller. As an award-winning top green company, we continue to seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint while striving to protect our resources, the environment and those with whom we share the nation’s highways.

Our focus on conservation and research has helped us to develop green initiatives that offer a payback in savings to both the bottom line and the environment through truck alterations such as:

  • Fuel efficient tires
  • Aerodynamic mud flaps
  • Engine controller based fuel incentive program
  • Road speed limit policies
  • True GPS dual-mode satellite communications system to improve routing and conserve fuel

One of the ways that U.S. Xpress has continued to make strides in promoting green initiatives is through our utilization of a document scanning system, designed to electronically capture the trip paperwork from our drivers. Through this scanning system, drivers have the ability to scan all their paperwork in kiosks at our terminal facilities or through our fuel network truck stops. Additionally, drivers with personal computers and wireless access can scan paperwork aboard the cab of their trucks. The scans are delivered simultaneously to both our billing department and our payroll department -- which allows for greater efficiencies in invoicing and driver payrolls.

Our Commitment to a Cleaner Environment

When it comes to research and innovation, U.S. Xpress has a home field advantage with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the SimCenter for Computational Engineering. This hometown partnership has had a tremendous impact on our company’s focus on research and approach to green initiatives. The computer simulation models generated by these researchers allow us to test possible prototypes before they are manufactured. This computer modeling saves on research and development costs and leads to the production of more effective prototypes and, ultimately, products that can deliver a difference.

Our dedication to the environment can be seen in the resources we’ve saved through our sustainability efforts in the past year alone. According to a third-party report, we have saved:

  • 65 tons of paper
  • 1100 trees
  • 450,000 gallons of water
  • 270,000 kWh of electricity
  • 30,000 gallons of oil

U.S. Xpress: A SmartWaySM Transport Partner

U.S. Xpress is proud to be part of SmartWay Transport, an innovative collaboration between the EPA and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, and improve energy security. Like other companies that participate in SmartWay Transport programs, U.S. Xpress has saved money, reduced fuel consumption and continues to be recognized for our social responsibility and leadership. In fact, U.S. Xpress has been honored with a SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award for our commitment to sustainable business practices.

The (Green) Road Ahead

At U.S. Xpress, we believe that the market will see even more advances in fuel efficiency in the months and years ahead. It is our intention to continue to be a leader in the industry’s continuous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, preserve our valuable resources and promote safe highways.

Importance of Conservation

Learn how U.S. Xpress is dedicated towards bringing green technologies to its customers and the transportation industry.

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