U.S. Xpress, places a high value on our partnerships with industry organizations. These alliances help us to achieve our business promises to our customers – to be agile, responsive and provide personal attention when finding cost-effective solutions to our customers’ unique needs. Our partnerships also help us as a company to achieve our business goals: to expand our knowledge of the trucking industry, improve our products and services, follow best business practices and provide the highest level of education and training of our employees.

American Trucking Associations

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has been in existence for 75 years and is a national trade association for the trucking industry. The ATA represents the interests of its members at both a state and federal level to promote safe and secure highways -- which is an important goal at U.S. Xpress Enterprises. The organization also provides educational programs, shares industry research and helps to support improvements within the trucking industry. U.S. Xpress Co-Founder Patrick Quinn served as ATA Chairman from 2005 through 2007.

Food Shippers Association of North America

The Food Shippers Association of North America provides members with competitive ocean transportation rates, more choice of carriers and better service than a member would get without a collective voice. This allows us to keep our rates competitive.

The National Industrial Transportation League

The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) represents shipping transportation and is considered the “Voice of the Freight Transportation Industry.” The League’s focus is to engage all sectors of the industry to develop a modern, safe and efficient transport system. U.S. Xpress sees the partnership as a benefit to everyone dependent on transportation.

Retail Industry Leaders Association

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) represents nine of the top American retailers and is a valuable partner for our company by helping U.S. Xpress as well as other transportation companies to identify and address challenges and find pragmatic solutions that benefit retailers, carriers and customers.

SmartWay™ Transport

U.S. Xpress Inc, is a SmartWay Transport Partner and received a 2009 SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award for our commitment to the environment, progressive action and innovation.

Truckload Carriers Association

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) is the only national trade association whose focus is the truckload segment of the motor carrier industry. As a valuable partner, the TCA supports our efforts in finding practical solutions in our business, provides educational opportunities for our employees and facilitates our efforts to build long-term relationships within our industry. U.S. Xpress Co-Founder Patrick Quinn served as the Chairman of the TCA from 2001-02.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga SimCenter for Computational Engineering

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga welcomed the SimCenter for Computational Engineering to its campus in our hometown. The research provided has been valuable in helping our industry to develop prototypes and products that reduce wind resistance and improve fuel efficiencies.

Women In Trucking

U.S. Xpress Inc, employs three times more women drivers than the national average. Our partnership with Women In Trucking is one example of how our company is working to promote the accomplishments of women, as well as working tirelessly to minimize the obstacles women face working in the trucking industry.