360 Truck Tour

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  • Aerodynamic Bumpers
  • Right-Side Camera
  • Disc Braking Systems
  • Side Fairings
  • Wide-Based Tires
  • Customized Air Foil
  • Aerodynamic Mirrors
  • Right-Side Camera

Truck Highlights

U.S. Xpress has deployed cameras on the right-side forward fender of our company trucks. These cameras provide a view down the passenger side of the truck and trailer, helping to significantly reduce blind spots. Images from the camera are displayed on a monitor in the cab of the truck.

U.S. Xpress is transitioning our trucks and trailers to wide-based tires. These tires promote better traction and stability as well as lessen the weight of the vehicle. The wide-based tires also provide a green benefit in helping to improve fuel economy. It is not uncommon to see a U.S. Xpress truck-and-trailer set-up with 10 wide-based tires rather than the traditional 18 wheels.

U.S. Xpress has added disc braking systems to its company fleet, assisting with increased stopping ability.

By working with the manufacturers and conducting computer simulations, U.S. Xpress is able to employ an improved air foil design that reduces wind resistance and provides enhancements in fuel economy.

This is another example of how U.S. Xpress worked with the manufacturer and conducted computer simulations to develop side fairings that lower the resistance for the truck, making it more aerodynamically sound and increasing fuel efficiency.

In our search for enhanced aerodynamics and greater fuel economy, U.S. Xpress has tested nearly every foot of our trucks and trailers, including making adjustments to the bumpers and mirrors on our trucks.